The Natural User Interface Foundation

Established in 2008, The NUI Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Silicon Valley, California, USA. It's purpose is to foster the growth of The NUI Group and it's community members.

The communitiy has over 15,000 members worldwide and is the hub for HCI design and development discussions with over 80,000 posts.

The Natural User Interface Group

Established in 2006, The Natural User Interface Group is an open source community that creates and shares interaction techniques & standards that benefit designers & developers throughout the world.

We offer a collaborative environment for scientists that are interested in learning and developing modern Human/Computer Interaction methods and concepts. Our research includes topics such as: computer vision, touch computing, voice & gesture recognition, experience design and information visualization.


To openly discover, document and distribute NUI knowledge.

You can learn more about us, find our downloads, join the discussion and much more below:

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